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online course

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In this course we explain how content marketing can assist creative professionals in developing and audience, develop a product and grow a business, with no startup investment.

Learning how to develop an effective web presence is a great way to start a business and attract customers. By learning how to identify, develop and position great content , you will be able to start a convertion funnel which will lead your customers through brand awareness, familiarity, consideration and purchase decisions. 

In this course we’ll break down how the magic happens by explaining in detail the tips and tricks that make great content great. This course is fully online and you’ll be able to access the classes at your own convenience through our platform

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Prof. Thomas Brownlees is a university lecturer and business consultant specialised in fashion business, intellectual property and lean management. Prof. Brownlees is here to help you learn the fashion business you need to push your creative vision to the next level.

Learning PathWAY

In this first lesson, we’ll understand what is content marketing and why it’s such an effective way to promote and grow your business. As we get started we’ll help you identify your niche and build a funnel that leads your audience towards your products and services. We’ll look at the most popular tools which can be employed to identify profitable keywords and start designing titles that attract clicks without resorting to click-baiting. As we end the first session we’ll explain the most relevant customer segmentation theories which can help you break up your audience into personas to build tailor-made content for your customers.

Introduction to Content Marketing: Module Topics

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Content Marketing and Digital Marketing  
  3. Keyword Research 
  4. Blog Post Titles 
  5. Customer Profiling Theories and Analytics

In this second installment, we’ll look at best practices for blog post writing, understanding how different types of blog posts and content types can serve different goals. We’ll help you understand what types of content work best with your audience and show you some of the most used blog post templates to structure your content effectively. We’ll also discuss the different media that can become part of your posts, to allow you to increase circulation and engagement by leveraging photos, videos and audio. After completing this lesson, you’ll be able to create a highly-ranking post, that attracts your audience towards your products and services through top-of-the-funnel interactions.

2.  Blog Post Writing: Module Topics

  1. Content Formats: Short Form vs. Long Form 
  2. Blog Post Typologies 
  3. A Guide to Writing a Blog Post: The Hero’s Journey 
  4. Blog Post Structure and Formats 
  5. Riche Content: Pictures, Audio and Video

In the third instalment, we’ll start discussing landing pages and lead magnets. As your content starts attracting traffic, we’ll help you retain your customers by trading their email for an exclusive piece of content, which will allow you to build an email list and start a conversation. As we delve into this topic, we’ll show you how to develop your funnel strategy and create highly effective email nurturing sequences.  Moreover, we’ll look into the refined art of landing page design and show you how to set up your perfect landing page. We’ll close the session, by looking into some data, by exploring analytics software which will help you test your pages through A/B testing to fine-tune each small detail.

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages: Module Topics

  1. What is a Lead Magnet and Why It Matters 
  2. Funnel Design and Email Nurturing 
  3. Conversion Rates and Acquisition Costs 
  4. Landing Page Design 
  5. A/B Testing Landing Pages
  1. In this fourth class we’ll look at ways in which the process of developing a digital product can be broken down into stages, to make sure you can develop digital products that are not only interesting but providing great value to your audience. We’ll then discuss how to look at product development by either focusing on the product itself and its features, or look at the market and understand what it is looking for. We’ll then look into advertising and the ways in which a well-defined customer type is the best way to invest in promotional campaigns that can provide a good return. We’ll then wrap up the class by looking at customer economics and at ways in which you can calculate your customer acquisition cost.

    Product Design and Advertising: Module Topics

    1. Define Your Product: Vitamins or Painkiller? 
    2. Tools for Product Development: Value Proposition Canvas 
    3. Tools for Growth: Business Model Canvas 
    4. Market Orientation vs. Product Orientation 
    5. Product Development and Market Validation 

In this final class, we’ll summarise the main take-home points of the class to make sure that you can complete the course, not only building on your knowledge and skills in digital marketing, but you also have a list of actionable advice you can implement right away. We’ll look at how content marketing is still evolving and what types of innovations we can expect from the future. 

Become a Content Marketing Rockstar: Module Topics

  1. Content Marketing Planning
  2. Research is Your Best Friend
  3. Future-proof Your Content
  4. Profile Your Audience
  5. Conclusive Remarks on Content Marketing

COURSE details

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