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In this in-depth course we delve deep into the fashion industry to understand all of the processes that add tangible and intangible value to a fashion product. From branding to distribution, from customer segmentation to customer journey planning, we analyse the industry and unearth its secrets. This course is fully online and you’ll be able to access the classes at your own convenience through our platform. 

This class will provide you with a fully-rounded understanding of how the fashion industry works and how it can work for you, as a designer, as a businessperson, or as a creative wishing to carve a space in this exciting industry. 

course aims and objectives

Learning PathWAY

In this first lesson, we’ll introduce the fashion industry and the way it operates, by looking at its building blocks, moreover, by looking at fashion brands supply chains, we’ll discuss how the fashion pipelines are developed as a competitive advantage for the firm. Once the value creation process of a fashion company has been discussed we’ll address business models and in fashion, to explain the ways in which companies can create assets and processes that together produce a value that is greater than the sum of its parts. This introductory unit will assist in mapping all of the “moving parts” that make up the fashion industry and will allow us to discuss strategic management topics as the course progresses.

Module Breakdown:

  1. An Introduction to the Fashion Industry – Video Lecture
  2. Understanding the Fashion Pipeline – Video Lecture
  3. Business Models in the Fashion Industry (Part 1) – Video Lecture
  4. Business Models in the Fashion Industry (Part 2) – Video Lecture

In this second class, we’ll introduce the foundations of fashion marketing to allow students to understand the “go to market” strategies employed for fashion products. We’ll start by understanding what are the defining traits of the fashion customer and how customers can be segmented based on similar sets of characteristics. We’ll then discuss the fashion pyramid and how this tool is employed to explain the positioning strategies of fashion companies in the market. Moreover, we’ll address branding in fashion, and how companies use their country of origin as one of the main distinctive features when attracting new customers. This second unit will allow us to build on a shared vocabulary to discuss market strategies to position a fashion brand according to its value proposition.

Module Breakdown:

  1. Customer Segmentation in the Fashion Industry – Video Lecture
  2. Market Segmentation in the Fashion Industry – Video Lecture
  3. Brand Communication in the Fashion Industry – Video Lecture
  4. The Country of Origin Effect in Fashion – Video Lecture

In this third class, we’ll discuss fashion distribution and retail, as a firm develops its collection the way it develops its distribution strategies can help to create a strong bond of loyalty with its customers. As customers are not purchasing products anymore, we’ll discuss how to create an immersive retail experience, capable of developing an emotional connection with your target audience. Moreover, we’ll look into different retail formats, from the traditional stores to the flagship stores. We’ll then look at omnichannel distribution and the overlap created by physical and digital retail. This third unit will allow us to discuss operational strategies focused on the management of retail touchpoints to enhance a product’s perceived value.

Module Breakdown:

  1. Experiential Marketing in the Fashion Industry – Video Lecture
  2. Retail Management in Fashion – Video Lecture
  3. Flagship Stores and Omnichannel Retail – Video Lecture
  4. Flagship Stores and the Future of Retail – Video Lecture

In this fourth class, we’ll discuss how digital technologies have disrupted the traditional approach to customer buyer behaviour, allowing customers to interact with fashion brands in a completely different way. To approach this challenge we’ll look into the way brands can plan the physical and digital journeys for their customers using transmedia storytelling. Moreover, by leveraging the power of technology we’ll look at the new frontiers of social and mobile commerce. At the same time, as many firms use their communities not only to sell but to also develop new products we’ll see what are the best practices when using technology for capital raise, through crowdfunding. This fourth class will allow us to understand what are the Key Performance Indicators of successful eCommerce management, and how to develop an online retail outlet.

Module Breakdown:

  1. The Physical and Digital Customer Journey – Video Lecture
  2. Social Commerce in Fashion – Video Lecture
  3. Mobile Commerce in Fashion – Video Lecture
  4. Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding – Video Lecture

In this fifth and final class, we’ll discuss the relevance of fashion sustainability, as a foundational element of all future fashion brands. More than ever fashion companies need to understand how to develop their brands sustainably in order to future-proof their long-term success, This fifth class will conclude our course. If you’re interested in learning more about fashion sustainability, please check out our course “The Sustainable Fashion Industry“. 

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Prof. Thomas Brownlees is a university lecturer and business consultant specialised in fashion business, intellectual property and lean management. Prof. Brownlees is here to help you learn the fashion business you need to push your creative vision to the next level.

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