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online course

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In this in-depth course we delve deep into fashion sustainability looking at how planning the fashion garment’s lifecycle makes an impact on your profit, planet and people.

This class is comprised of a series of video lectures and readings which will provide you with a fully-rounded understanding of how to start, grow and scale a sustainable fashion business, from raw material sourcing to packaging, from supply chain management to branding and market positioning

This course is fully online and you’ll be able to access the classes at your own convenience through our platform

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Prof. Thomas Brownlees is a university lecturer and business consultant specialised in fashion business, intellectual property and lean management. Prof. Brownlees is here to help you learn the fashion business you need to push your creative vision to the next level.

Learning PathWAY

In this first class, we’ll introduce how fashion sustainability is a paradigm-shifting force in the fashion industry. Moved by the three Ps of sustainability (sustainable profit, sustainable people, sustainable planet) we’ll see how across the fashion market all firms are adapting, repositioning and reinvesting towards building a sustainable and transparent value chain. In this first class, we’ll be able to map how fashion sustainability is paving the way for a change not only in business, but in society at large.

In this second class, as we delve into the challenges of creating a sustainable fashion business, or re-adapting an existing one, we’ll look at some of the most relevant business frameworks that can help us understand and simplify the operational and managerial challenges that come with running a sustainable firm. We’ll use both the value chain model and the business model canvas to see how strategic decision making is key to reducing garment footprint.

In this third class we’re going to look at the role of the designer, and the importance in fashion design when it comes to developing a collection which has been designed to be environmentally sustainable. However, it’s important to notice that sustainability is always a game of balances, and as it’s not possible to completely offset the environmental impact of a garment, we will see what choices are available to the fashion entrepreneur.

In this lesson, we’ll reverse our perspective to understand what is the role of the end-customer and how much can be done from the user’s end of fashion industry. We’ll see how relevant is consumer education and awareness in the context of the fashion industry and as such what are some of the best practices employed by fashion firms to impact user behaviour. We’ll also discuss labour sustainability which is another element of sustainability which needs to be discussed in depth considering the impact that globalisation of fashion production has made on labour in developing countries.

In this fifth and final class, we’ll discuss a case scenario to illustrate all of the tangible and intangible – cultural – elements that make up the DNA of sustainable fashion firm. We’ll also try and summarise the key points of the course to provide actionable advice on how to become more sustainable today. 


the sustainable fashion industry

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